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If you're among the thousands of responsible adults who now tour American's highways and byways on two wheels instead of four, you need the protection afforded by ANPAC's new AmeriCycle™ Insurance Program. With the help of motorcycle enthusiasts, ANPAC® has designed a complete program that addresses all of today's motorcycle rider's insurance needs: liability, medical payments, comprehensive and collision, even uninsured motorist protection.

The AmeriCycle™ program covers the risk of owning and riding a motorcycle today.

Under this program, the driver, the passenger, AND the motorcycle are all covered.
Your policy includes up to $3,000 coverage for motorcycle accessories, and can be increased in increments up to $20,000.
If your motorcycle is stolen, the policy pays up to $25 per day for transportation costs.
Safety helmets are covered up to $500, and safety apparel up to $1,000.
The first $200 of the collision deductible is waived when the loss is caused by collision with another vehicle insured by ANPAC®.
Stated value coverage is offered for 1970 and older cycles, with limited annual mileage. Total losses will be paid based on insured value.
GAP coverage provides protection against a financial gap (difference between loan balance and actual cash value) when a vehicle is wrecked or stolen, resulting in a total loss. Limit of liability for GAP coverage shall not exceed $10,000.
Safe Cycle discounts for successfully completing a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course.
Rider Group discounts if you are a member of GWRRA, HOG, BMWMOA, GWTA, MSF, VTS, WOW, AMA, or RSTAR.
TLC™ or multiple line auto/home discounts are available when you choose American National for your auto (or motorcycle), home and life coverage.

Should you have special needs, we can custom tailor a program that fits you like a pair of good riding gloves.

Earn CA$HBACK From ANPAC®. If you entrust ANPAC® with both your home and motorcycle, and remain claim-free for a three-year period, you will receive a 25% refund of your first-year motorcycle and home premium. CA$HBACK rewards continue for each year that you remain claim-free.


Some eligibility requirements apply, and not all coverages are available in all states. This web page contains only a general description of the coverages and is not a statement of contract. All coverages are subject to the exclusions and conditions in the policy itself.


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